Saturday, November 22, 2008

Inaho's Kitchen Bar, Tanjong Pagar

Starters. Sorry for the crap photo, it doesn't do them justice.

Mystery shochu

Almost raw oysters with spring onions

What a find! So, we're walking along a seedy street full of hostess and KTV-type bars in Tanjong Pagar, when I noticed a minimalist sign advertising Japanese food on the second floor atop of one of these seedy bars. I ask the hubby to check it out, half thinking it's a cheesy drinking bar, Japanese style.
Turns out it's a four-month old tiny restaurant with delicious food and a wide selection of shochu. There are only two tables and a sushi-type counter. We ordered the prix fixe menu, which was S$54 and included spicy sashimi, oysters, and eel as well as a lot of small side dishes. If you don't finish the bottle of shochu that you should definitely order, you can write your name on a label to put on the bottle and they'll keep it for you til next time.

Wifey didn't want to eat here but I brazenly walked in and talked to the proprietress who seemed nice enough so we decided to bail on the Korean restaurant we were unsuccessfully trying to find amongst all the Tanjong Pagar seediness and have a civilized meal. I liked pretty much everything we tried aside from the "tuna with Korean chili miso" which was served way too cold (I hate eating ice-cold fish, raw or not) and was seriously lacking Korean chili action. We ordered an imo (芋焼酎, sweet potato) shochu from Kagoshima prefecture which was on the lighter side making me think it might've been cut with some rice but the bottle didn't have an export label on it so who the hell knows what was in it. In fact, I can't even remember what it was called. Let us know if you can read the kanji.

Miso soup

Tiny, hard to see sign

Inaho's Kitchen Bar
Duxton Road, just north of Craig Road

MRT: Tanjong Pagar (EW15), Outram Park (EW16/NE3)

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