Sunday, November 23, 2008

Komala's Restaurant, Farrer Park

After a quick Sunday shopping trip to Mustafa Centre we stopped at Komala's for a snack and ended up having dinner. The Farrer Park location is close to the MRT station and is just one of dozens of similar restaurants in the area. We started off with an onion and chili uthappam which was fresh, crispy on the outside and came with three chutneys: coconut, coriander, and moderately spicy mystery orange. Sorry, no photo of the uthappam.

South Indian Thali

Liked the onion and chile uthappam with the coriander and orangey-red chutneys. This is the better dish to get, as they make it fresh. The South Indian meal (thali=rice plate) is scooped up from precooked vats. The food is served on a fresh banana leaf -- nice touch for a fast-food joint.

The thali is just average here, nothing to write home about. They include vadai with the meal which you don't get at some places but since I don't really care for them it didn't do much to change my opinion of the meal. My favorite side was the coconut-y cabbage. A solid meal.

Tasty, unhealthily sweet mango drink

Komala's Restaurant (Serangoon Road location)
328-332 Serangoon Road
Singapore 218113

Phone: +65-6299-4464

MRT: Farrer Park (NE8)

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